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TubeCut® Tobacco Flavors

TubeCut® tobacco offers the styles smokers prefer

Rich, satisfying taste comes with every bag of TubeCut tobacco: Full-Flavor, Gold, Menthol, Silver and Turkish.


TubeCut® Tobacco Styles:

TubeCut Full Flavor
Full Flavor
The natural, hand-selected tobaccos of TubeCut Full Flavor are cured to be exceptionally moist then specially blended and crafted for an easier draw and fill.
Full Flavor:
TubeCut Gold

TubeCut Gold offers the same great taste as Full Flavor, but in a more mellow smoke.


TubeCut Menthol
TubeCut Menthol is a refreshing, cool-tasting style for those that prefer the brisk taste of menthol smoking.
TubeCut Silver

Smokers that prefer a very mellow smoke will choose TubeCut Silver - a satisfying and smooth tobacco.


TubeCut Turkish
TubeCut Turkish is a darker, unique tobacco that knowledgeable smokers will tell you is the perfect tobacco for a rich and flavorful smoke.

TubeCut® tobacco comes in four convenient sizes

TubeCut tobacco in pouches are a convenient way to take your tobacco with you.

Small bags make buying TubeCut extra affordable.

Medium-sized bags offer every-day smoking convenience with our unique stay-fresh packaging and freshness seal that keeps air out and great tobacco flavor in.

Large bags offer the convenience of fewer trips to the store and are freshness-sealed to offer a great smoke every day.

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Check out our full line of accessories made for TubeCut cigarettes

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It’s simple to make your own cigarettes. And you save big.
TubeCut machine

Choose Full Flavor, Gold, Menthol, Silver and Turkish
TubeCut machine

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TubeCut machine

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